Happy birthday ♥

The best man I know.
And next to him, that's me - the luckiest girl. 

Happy birthday

Nikon D700, 50mm.

Flowers Day Lovin'

I love my nameday :) It's kind of like my birthday, I feel special because of all the nice wishes I get all day by mostly close friends and family. I think what I like the most about it is that I get to share it with so many other people named after flowers! It's a beautiful holiday, it comes just before Easter, and is one more way to confirm it's spring already!
Today we celebrate flowers, so may all of you who were named after them have a lovely rest of the day!

The sun was almost absent today, but I felt some really bright sunlight inside my heart and I felt blessed for yet another time. One of my dearest friends made a special surprise to me today and wrapped me an amazing gift.

I have sunflowers on my brand new flower cups (absolutely love them!!) and this means only one thing - mornings just got so much better!

 Photos: iPhone 4S

Happy Sunday!