When a photographer...

When a photographer is anything but taking photos, what kind of photographer he/she is?
An amateur? A dull thing? A fork? Or just busy like hell? I like to think I'm the last in that order.
I hope I am!

It's been 40 days since my last blog post, and the photos in that post...they are even older. I wish I could do it better. But I can't. I cannot spare a free minute to shoot and then download, and then edit even a single photo. It is my way of escaping boring realities and routines. But lately my photography has been captured in an iPhone prison. It's so simple and fast it amazes me. At least I have that. It's just clicking and then applying filters. Anyone can do it. And there are so many people that do! I just hope I get back to myself in the coming days, weeks, months...whenever. As long as I come back to myself and my photography, I'll be fine, I know this.
Until then, I would just admire my friends' photography, which by the way is being amazing.

Just as I was finishing my post the weather got so inappropriate I could not believe it it was pouring ice drops on the outside of my roof, not on the inside.
I guess I should not be blogging anymore, then  ;D

Keep calm and enjoy a glass of nice wine. Don't worry, it's going to be okay sooner or later.

Camera: iPhone 4S, Instagram filter applied.