Day 64 - Happy birthday, Stelli!

Happy birthday, Stelli! I have a special message from Mickey Mouse and it says he loves you back 8:o)
..I wish this next year you make the rest of your dreams come true! ♥♥♥

Day 63 - BULGARIA - A Bird's-Eye View by Alex Ivanov

Today I got an amazing gift from my father and I am super excited to share it with you. It's a book called BULGARIA - A Bird's-Eye View and it contains 222 aerial photographs taken by Alexander Ivanov ( What's even cooler is that the book was specially signed for me by the author :)))))))

The book is a valuable collection of photographs of Bulgarian lands as seen from above, and I believe it is the only one of its kind. The author is known for shooting things as they are and rarely changing them even in terms of color...truly inspirational!

I am so happy this lovely book is now part of my bookshelf :))))))))

On the outside...

On the inside...

Sunny Beach resort from above...

Nikon d700, 50mm.

Day 62 - Tsarevets Fortress

Tsarevets Fortress is situated in the old capital of Bulgaria - Veliko Tarnovo. It has great historical value for all Bulgarians, and is currently one of the most visited tourist destinations in the country, both for locals and foreigners.
It's been snowing the last couple of days around here so my photo lacks a single living soul. But you'd better go there in spring, so you can take your time and climb it up to the top, and breathe in the beauty of this place. (

I used to study here for a year and even though I moved after two semesters, it is still a place I'd love to come back whenever I can.

Nikon d700, 50mm.

Day 61 - Always Coca-Cola

And this is how you write Coca-Cola in Arabic ;)

Nikon D60, 18-55mm.

Day 60 - Very cherry

Spotted in Marrakesh as well :)
Nikon D60, 18-55mm.

Day 58 - Le Souk, Marrakesh

Shopaholics, use with care :D

A place to bargain in, to taste, smell and feel.
And be careful, with words and gestures. Prices can go down from 250dh to 60dh if you have the guts ;)

Le Souk, Marrakesh, Morocco, June 2010
Nikon D60, 18-55mm.
Marrakesh, Morocco, June 2010

Day 59 - Kosybar, Marrakesh

If you happen to be in Marrakesh, you might want to check that out ;)

This one is from a hot afternoon on the terrace of one of the best places to be in town - KosyBar (, guidebook's hot recommendation ;)
After spending an exhausting day at the Souk market, bargaining and looking through all kinds of stuff, me and the girls had a lazy nap in here...The waiters were spraying water on us, but we still spent like 3 hours up there...
A curious fact: there was a Sarah Jessica Parker photo at the entrance, she must have been here while shooting SATC2 :))))))))) Cool, huh? ;P

Kosybar view...

Kosybar interior sneak peak...

Nikon D60, 18-55mm.

Day 57 - Dee Tourist

Last summer I went to Marrakesh and I have tons of pretty colorful photos to share, so be prepared to see more ;)

This photo is from that same trip, and it's my friend Dee, who's always hungry, and when I say always, I mean it :D

She just got back from Japan and last week landed in Rio, and I am just curious to see her next destination...oh, and she's a great photographer herself!

So, here's Dee Tourist in Marrakesh :)) Misses and kisses!

Day 56 - Never too young

One is never too young for sports ;)

D&V GYM and Dance-Aerobics Studio
8 Yordan Yosifov Str.
Studentski grad

Nikon D700, 50mm.

Day 55 - Toni

Last summer I attended a great photography course with the team of Photo Forum. Toni was our model for a day when we were putting into practice what we learned. I had completely forgotten I had those photos in my archive, and since those last few days I lack my usual inspiration, I started looking through my old stuff.
I love going back and seeing old things in new ways. That's part of the reason I made that blog.

Nikon D60, 50mm. I borrowed the lens from a guy in the course, and I had never used it before, so most of my photos from that day lack focus...well, lesson learned now.

Special thanks to Toni, and Vassil Nikolov who made this happen ;)))

Day 54 - Is there life after chocolate?

There was an article in the news today (thanks, Meggy ;) ) announcing the increase in the price of cocoa from Cot D'evour due to the political situation in the country. I was thinking that consumerism makes us highly dependent on material things, that we often take them for granted, until we realize nothing is here to stay forever....well, chocolate rarely sticks around me, anyway ;)

I hope a day never goes by without some chocolate on our side.

The poster design was created for Illustration class at IED Madrid, 2010.

Nikon D60, 18-55mm.

Day 53 - Color Jungle

I know, it was a really gray day today, so here's a colorful explosion to fix... if it were fixable at all...

Nikon D60, 18-55mm.

Day 52 - Indigo?

"Those eyes hold hidden treasures, she has the stare of royal class..."

I don't know if you have heard of "indigo" children, but I read an article somewhere and the more I look into her, the more it get's me thinking...

Nikon D700, 50mm.

Day 51 - happy full moon.

If you are one of those people, who didn't sleep well the last couple of nights, the reason is most likely one of the following three:
1. you are in love,
2. you got the flu,
3. you know a full moon.
I never miss a number three, occasionally I get number two as well, and number one...oh, well... ;)

So may I wish number one to stay number one,
number two - get well soon!
Number three - you're not alone, so hang in there :)

Nikon D700, 50mm. Foggy skies.

Day 50 - Chair in the air

Sofia downtown at 10 p.m. Reminds me of Madrid's artistic spirits, but I guess I haven't seen that a lot around here...until now :)

Nikon D700, 50mm.

Day 49 - minimal

Today's theme is minimal. I was looking through some inspirational articles this weekend and I came across the minimal challenge on another photo blog.

The thing about minimalism in photography is that the photo could feel empty in terms of objects and full of content at the same time. This actually helps emphasizing the texture sometimes. And there's plenty of space for text captions.

Nikon D60, 18-55mm.

Day 48 - A creative hour

Last night I had to wrap a gift at home when I realized I have no gift bags left in my closet, so I had to be creative with what I had -> the original box of the gift, some colorful dotted paper, a glue stick, and a couple of ribbons.
Since I didn't take any other photos this last Sunday I decided to display the gift in its final version. It also got me thinking of the different points of view that I can photograph a gift box, so it was kind of photography-useful :))

Nikon D700, 50mm.

Day 47 - My very own camera necklace

A few days ago I got a brand new camera =) ...and this one is so pretty and light enough to carry everywhere...because it comes on a necklace :)))))))

A couple of months ago I fell in love with a camera necklace over the internet and I shared that with my friend Stella. The thoughtful friend she is, and has always been throughout the past 10 years we've known each other, she found it just in time for Christmas! :)))

I must admit this is one of the most awesome gifts I have ever been given, and most of all I was truly surprised!

A big THANK YOU, Stelli, once again :))))))))))

Nikon D700, 50mm.

Day 46 - Mommy and me

A precious Patri-and-mommy moment...lovely!

Nikon D700, 50mm.

Day 45 - Art & Fear

Today I had an hour to kill before a meeting with a friend, and what's better than an hour killed at Starbucks with a nice book at hand...
A month ago I ordered a few books on amazon, and I was pleasantly surprised by this particular one. It's called Art & Fear by David Bayles and Ted Orland, and it talks about the process of art making, along with all the doubts and fears experienced by artists during that process. It is one of those positive books, and it is quite easy to read. I am attaching the first page so you can get a sense of the content.
Since more and more people started asking for recommendations on interesting books related to photography, I decided I would start adding whatever I come across and feel is interesting. This one is not technical in the sense it will not teach anyone any technique, but I think it's interesting to make you think of yourself as an artist in whatever it is you want to put your creativity in.

(click on photo for a larger view)

Nikon D60, 18-55mm.

Day 44 - January hues

It's January! It's a new year, a new beginning, a new feeling...a brand new view of everything past and an imperfectly clear vision of what's coming next.
Did you put on your pink glasses already? ;)

Nikon D700, 50mm.

Day 43 - Natura

Sunday walks in nature - there is no better cure for the body and soul...I wish I had more of these..

Nikon D700, 50mm.

Day 42 - Balkan & Inna

This is another photo from the weekend. It is a portrait of Balkan and Inna, both nice and cuddly, with beautiful hair :)))

Nikon D700, 50mm.

Day 41 - Doll Story

This adorable 2-year-old creature is called Patrisia, and I met her this past weekend. She is a very happy and pretty little girl, and her face is talking to me all the time!
Definitely one of my favorite little models so far, and more photos coming in the following posts :)))))

Nikon D700, 50mm.

Day 40 - Balkan in the heart of the balkan

A smile can stick in your mind for a while. Especially when you've been to place so pure, relaxed, and welcoming.

You wake up to beautiful mornings in a very comfortable and friendly atmosphere, accompanied with delicious Bulgarian dishes can be enjoyed at Guest House Balkan, Valevtsi village (

It's my second time here and it always feels so painful to leave...

Iphone 4S.

Day 39 - Fireworks

In the skies above Valevtsi village on the eve of Ivan's day (07-01-2011)

Nikon D700, 50mm.

Day 38 - Ivan's Day

The name “Ivan” comes from Old-Bulgarian and means “God is merciful”. Ivanovden (Ivan’s Day,) taking place on the 7th of January, is a religious holiday celebrated in honor of Sveti Yoan Krastitel (John the Baptist).
People who are named Ivan, Ivanka, Ivaylo, Yoan, Yana, Jana celebrate their name-day.
There are more than 260 000 people named Ivan and Ivanka in Bulgaria today.

I am attaching a portrait of my grandpa Ivan who is quite a unique person with one-of-a-kind character. My last name - Ivanova - comes right from his first one, probably this is why I love this nameday so much :))))

Happy name day to everyone who celebrates today!

Nikon D700, 50mm.

Day 37 - Mom & Dad

Fresh and energetic as usual... sometimes I think I am going to age faster than both of them ;)

Nikon D700, 50mm.

Day 36 - My Christmas Self'10

I am practically nowhere with my b/w photography skills since I am enjoying my bright colorful phase, and I still have a whole book on my shelf waiting to be read in order to start on that, but I just don't feel like it yet.
Sometimes I put my uneducated b/w eye in use, and this is a full-stop for the moment.

Nikon D700, 50mm.

Day 35 - Christmas Cookies

Oh well, these are the famous Christmas cookies that I made a week before Christmas...and many have heard of but only few have tried... ;D

The recipe I got from Yoli's blog (, while decoration includes milk and white chocolate, colorful candy, coconut snowflakes, and lot's of imagination.

Nikon D700, 50mm.

Day 34 - Solar Eclipse 04-01-2011

Today there was a partial solar eclipse in the skies above Sofia, and the photos in this post represent what it looked like from the place I was standing exactly at 10:55 a.m.(+2GMT Sofia, Bulgaria).

You can find some more information and pictures from BBC News on the topic in the following article:

"Tuesday witnessed the first partial solar eclipse of 2011. People standing across a great swathe of the Earth's surface saw the Moon take a big bite out of the Sun...Partial solar eclipses occur when the Sun and Moon do not quite align in the sky as viewed from Earth, and the deep shadow cast by the smaller body passing across the bigger one just misses the planet."

Nikon D700, 50mm, exposure correction via PS.

Day 33 - On the road again

Nikon D700, 50mm.

Day 32 - Paparazzi everywhere

My blog is now so popular that I could not escape the paparazzi even during the holidays! =D

Happy New Year, everyone! Be healthy, smile often, and take photos :))))))))