2012 Resolutions :)

Dear reader,
I hope you had an amazing year, full of photos and memories that make you smile! I absolutely did!
But I need to admit something out and aloud...I could have done so much better with organization...of all the things I did. This is one of the goals I put on the top of my Resolutions list for 2012. Oh, and it's an awful long list still in progress...i know, but I just want to have it all :)))) and I want it now!
I am doing a makeover on the blog when I get the time in January 2012, so stay tuned for news on the new project :)))

Krem's 2012 Resolutions list:

1. Learn to make delicious banitsa grandma-homestyle ON MY OWN
2. Make my official website
3. Make business cards already
4. Make a Gratitude list for every month, because those little things matter the most!
- January; February; March; April; May; June; July; August; September; October; November; December
5. Learn to sleep for 6 hours per night and be cool about it
6. Take a course on graphic design
7. Learn Russian, and not be afraid to do so
8. Improve Spanish, because you know, my Spanglish is perfectly fluent
9. Get US visa and go to Boston and NY, (because I want to!)
10. Talk to friends more often, and keep facebook away from ruining it all
11. Prepare at least one new dish every month:  
- January; February; March; April; May; June; July; August; September; October; November; December
12. Blog about 8-10times per month so I can keep on track and not be stressed about it
- January; February; March; April; May; June; July; August; September; October; November; December
13. Read at least 5 really good books recommended by a friend
14. Learn to make my own manicure, and fast enough ;)
15. The "purple room" project
16. Set short-term goals
17. Always apologize when wrong, and kick guilt out of the room
18. Exercise (just do it :D)
19. Fix old relationships
20. Create my updated professional portfolio
21. Photograph as many of my friends as i can - because they are all so fabulous!!
22. Learn how to make stunning black&whites, so I feel like a real artist already
23. Go to a place I have never been before
24. Remember birthdays!
25. Learn folk dances - so I can dance with attitude on my friends' weddings, plus it is so cheerful and intensive!
26. ...

I will finish editing my list one of those days, but you can start creating yours as of now and see how well you did a year from now. Today I am not going to post one of my photos, but i have rather collected some resolution ideas to get you started on your own. I hope it helps you have the time of your life in the coming year.

May you have a joyful celebration of the New Year's Eve and make a wish for one special thing at 00:00h so you don't waste any more time this year but make it happen!

See you in 2012!:))))))))))))

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3 days to Christmas: Old friends

Christmas is about going back to roots. Moreover, it's a comeback to old friends that we've set our ways apart with for a while. If you don't come across them by chance here and there during the tiresome Christmas shopping, you should definitely check on them while you take time off :))

In today's world of optimized communications we have never been closer to each other. Let's use it wisely and write/call/ask friends out so we keep old friendships alive besides of the time-&-space factor.

This sweet snowman on my sofa is someone we met last Christmas in a gift shop. We took him home right away. He's been a good friend, showing up this Christmas again, watching movies and spending time with us over the holidays.
Meet Stefcho :)))

Nikon D700, 50mm.

4 days to Christmas: Decorate, don't hesitate!

It's hard to get in the mood when snow is running late this season. Starbucks has it right, but what about home?

There it is - the Christmas tree - waiting to be dressed bottom-top with ribbons, glass figures, bling-bling, and a star-crown on top. Did you dress yours already? What are you waiting for?! Santa cannot fit big presents in a sock :))))

Hurry, decorate! Don't even hesitate ;)))))

Nikon D700, 50mm.

5 days to Christmas: Stella's Winter Glitter

It's almost that time of the year. You know...jeans, warm boots,thick coats, fluffy scarves, gloves, socks, pajamas, cold air, lit-up fireplaces, dark beer, hot red wine, grill, cottages in the middle of nowhere, eiderdowns, waking up before daylight, Christmas cookies, hot chocolate, red noses, mountains, ski, snowboard, ice-skating, hoodies, holidays, coziness, and snow, more snow :)))

Did you picture that already?! My friend Stella definitely did! =) She's one of those people who love winter glitter in all it's beauty.

With a tint of some hot red wine and a fabulous model at hand, I am starting my short but long-awaited 5-days-to-Christmas countdown!

Are you ready? ;)

Nikon D700, 50mm.

Day 192: Good signs vs. bad dreams

I have been having some bad dreams lately. And I have had some constant need of positive vibrations my way.

And what's better than a ladybug crawling out of my fruit bowl. Totally unexpected. That's the kind of surprises I enjoy. I hope it's a good sign. And I hope good signs last longer than bad dreams ;)

Happy Tuesday, dear all, and let's make it a good one!

Nikon D700, 50mm.

Day 191: Delyana by Nadq Borisova

This past weekend I had such a great time shooting a session for a very talented hair stylist, who also happens to be a friend of mine - Nadq Borisova. Delyana is the pretty model in the photo and her hair is oh-so-great!

Here's is just a sneak-peеk of that day, and I am working on the rest of them in the coming week or two. So stay tuned for more ;)

Photographer: Kremena Ivanova
Hair: Nadq Borisova
Model: Delyana Nikolova

Nikon D700, 50mm.

Day 190: Bonne Maman...on a cheesecake! Yum!

Has anyone here heard of Confiture Bonne Maman? I am sure you have...probably at least a couple of you :))) I first saw this brand when I was visiting a food fair a couple of years ago. I loved their marketing, and the cute bags they gave away to visitors. I got one myself this last time, felt so niiiice :)))

A couple of weeks ago I was buying me some products for a cheesecake I wanted to make for a loved one. I came across Bonne Maman in Billa supermarket in my neighborhood and could not resist but get at least one jar (yeah I always want to get them all...)of that precious thing. Yeah, the price is like double up the rest of the products on that shelf, but I just had to try it once and for all. So it went down in my shopping basket like a kid rolling down a steep road in roller blades :)))))) Real fast ;D

The confiture turned out to have whole strawberries in it which made it just perfect for the purpose. And I was so sorry I had to put it all on the cheesecake, and nothing more left, not even a spoonful...
All in all, the marmalade is sweet enough, totally delicious, smells like strawberry heaven and spreads easy,really easy.

Got to love some cheesecake with it, don't we?! ♥ :)))))

Nikon D700, 50mm.

Day 189: Happy birthday, daddy!

Today is my dad's birthday :)))) Yaaay!!

My father is one of a kind. He took after my grandfather more than he knows. He is a kind, loving, and always amusing person to be around, so you cannot help but like him as soon as you meet him. I can talk about him for hours, but today I'll focus on celebrating instead :)))

Happy birthday!!!

Nikon D700, 50mm.

Day 188: Oh...de...Cologne!

The town of Cologne is a charm. It is a place worth seeing, tasting, experiencing. I visit Cologne for work every now and then, and even though I have a hard time walking at the end of the day, I love going out for dinner. So far I've found a few places I can recommend. This last time I was staying in a pretty central location which saved me some hurtful walking in high-heels (I know, it was stupid, but they just feel so nice at first...). That's why I went straight into the first couple of places that caught my eyes. All of them are on the left side of the Dom Cathedral in the heart of Cologne.

My first recommendation goes to....Früh am Dom! This is an authentic German style restaurant, where they bring you draft beer as soon as you are seated even though you didn't ask for it....they just know you eventually are going to ;) That's a place where you can see a guy carry around more than 20 beers in a metal kind of tray made especially for that purpose. Amusing :))) Food is great, too, by the way :D

Second recommendation goes to............Chicago Steak House! Friendly staff, friendly atmosphere, friendly customers....all in all - friendly place! Steaks are delicious, deserts are worth a try as well :)))

My third and last tips go to................Barrios! A Spanish-style cocktail bar that saved me from getting a cold by serving me a warm and oh-so-nice potato soup and tacos with cheese...of course, Spanish wine included! I like this place a lot, maybe because of my endless affiliation to Spain and all things Spanish, or because of the warm feeling I got as soon as I entered the place. I just like it so much that I wanted to take it back in a suitcase and put it somewhere in Sofia so I can go whenever I feel like it.


Oh.....and I almost forgot....Oh HARIBO ♥

Nokia E72: Photos 1, 7, 9
Nikon D60, 18-55mm: Photos 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8

Day 187: Elections 2011 knocking at the door...

It's almost elections time here in Bulgaria...few more days to go...the sooner it passes the better, at least in terms of all the ugly debates and the whole campaign bullshit (excuse me!) on TV.

And here's a common question: Are YOU going to vote?

Below is a preview of Bulgaria's past, present, and let's keep fingers crossed, brighter than ever future! Bulgaria is in the hands of young people now, so can we make it all happen?

I hope so. I honestly think that in order for things to improve there's always a need for a change. So go on, and change something.

Here's a little joke from this past weekend in Tikvenburg ;) Yes, we like to make that kind of fun with our politicians, just the same way they sometimes make fun of us (no offense, of course, please..;) )

Nikon D60, 18-55mm.

P.S. I am not trying to convince anybody he/she should vote for someone in particular, I just think it's important to make a move, no matter what, but to be involved, even if not going to the elections at all. You name it ;)

Day 186: Tikvenburg

My hometown is just lovely. For so many different reasons.

This time I have in mind the annual fall fair in town in the middle of October. Since my hometown's symbol is the pumpkin (in Bulgarian tikva), we cherish it so much that we celebrate with a carnival, with artistic exhibitions, as well as a culinary show, of course, made with the use of pumpkin. Everyone, from kindergarten children to grown ups get involved in all the preparations. It feels like the community here is quite united compared to other parts of Bulgaria. Lucky Sevlievo :)))

It is so beautiful to come back home in autumn and have a little feast, do a little chit-chat with old friends, and simply enjoy your time.

Here's a bit of Tikvenburg 2011. Next year if you wonder what to do in the middle of October you might want to consider a trip to Sevlievo, and celebrate with the people there. They sure know how to make one at home :))))))

Nikon D60, 18-55mm.

Day 185: Summer days...Shower series: Encho

This one might as well be my favorite one! If only I had the time I would have made a big series out of all of his shots, but anyway...you'll get the point ;D

The last one in the shower is Encho.

Nikon D700, 50mm.

Day 184: Summer days...Shower series: Pavel

All the single ladies...have you met Pavel? :)

Nikon D700, 50mm.

Day 183: Summer days...Shower series: Misho

That's my boy ;)

Nikon D700, 50mm.

Day 182: Summer days...Shower series: Adrian & Viara

No, they are not a couple, but yes, they were in the shower together. Because I asked them to, of course :D

He's just so funny...and she cannot help it..lol!

Mr. Adrian and Mrs. Viara :)))

Nikon D700, 50mm.

Day 181: Summer days...Shower series: Deni & Alex

And it's time for the Donchev brothers.

Deni is the older one, but Alex is growing up just as fast :))

Nikon D700, 50mm.

Day 180: Summer days...Shower series: Fori & Svetla

I am so sorry I did not have the chance to upload these photos earlier, because I learned those guys are no longer together...or at least that's what I last heard a couple of months ago...

Such a pity, though. Because they looked just so happy, cuddly, hot and in love when together. Like all the time.

I am telling you, my camera is like an instant love detector, and there is absolutely no way those photos are lying.

Oh, well...We'll see what the future brings ;)

Nikon D700, 50mm.

Day 179: Summer days...Shower series: Monika & Inna

It was a hot, very hot, day ;)

In the shower: Monika & Inna

Nikon D700, 50mm.

Day 178: iSad.

It feels awkward. And so wrong. I find it difficult to write down all the things going through my mind right now. But one thing is sure - Steve Jobs will continue guiding people even after he passed away because of EVERYTHING he left behind.

Photo: Google Inc.

One of the most inspirational things I've ever come across is Steve Jobs' speech at the Stanford University Comencement Ceremony on June 12, 2005.

There is a great article, translating this video in Bulgarian (Превод на български език):

Rest in peace.

Day 177: Days of summer...Shower series: Inna

This is probably one of the photo sessions I've enjoyed even more than my models! No, really! SO much fun ;D The pool shower turned out to be a great "photo booth", you might want to try this next time you come across one! :D

Next one in the shower: Inna :))))

More coming soon...

Nikon D700, 50mm.

Day 176: Days of summer...Shower Series: Ivo

Busy, busy, busy fall.

And Summer is not over until I am finished with summer series. So, here's a bit of this last summer shower series...

Starring Ivcho :)

Nikon D700, 50mm.

Day 175: Days of Summer...IKEA!

One day a few days ago I came home quite annoyed because of how my day felt like a failure...especially towards the end of it!....well, I guess it could be way worse than that, but you know when you're in the mood...
This is the same day when I arrived home to find a plastic bag with the very first IKEA catalog for the Bulgarian market so far! Oh, it felt like pure bliss, and the only thing that came out of my mouth along with my smile were the words "Oh, that must be the best thing about today!". I hurried to walk in, take off my shoes and sit comfortably on the sofa so I can indulge into the interesting pages, full of practical ideas, and not so pretty furniture. I've never been to IKEA before, but I've used their stuff in the rented apartment I was living in while in Spain. Maybe it's because I just love that place that I want to get as close to it as possible, but I can't wait for them to open the first brand new store in Sofia next week, and it's quite close to my home, and this is so fair! :))))

Nikon D700, 50mm.