Fake lashes...voila!

Since this year has been claimed the year of fake lashes, and they are an absolute hit among women ages 16-60+, I decided to take a look into it. So I went to a store and bought a pair. The sales lady was kind enough to advise me not to go for the most extreme ones in length and design, since it is something you have to get used to, and be sure about before you jump into all the Drama Queen & Daisy Cow looks (not sure if I'll ever go that extreme, but oh well, never say never ;))

Today I accidentally came across Lisa Eldridge's youtube channel and I saw her video on How To Apply Full Strip Fake Lashes.  I must say I was charmed by her. It's not just the simple way she explains and the detailed step by step preview, but there's something about her self-confidence when she talks. If a woman can feel that good about herself and it shows so well even when just talking to a camera, she must have a bag full of precious tips & tricks. That's why I decided I'd share.

I'm sure half fake lashes also look great and as soon as I try, I'll make an update on how it went ;)