March 2012 Gratitude List

March, thank you for:
1. Spring sunshine and high temperatures at last!
2. Women's day - which is like a national holiday around here celebrating womanity and beauty
3. Yellow shoes to brighten my mood as I walk around in them.
4. All the nice cafes in Students' town here in Sofia, that make me feel like I'm at the seaside already
5. All the cool Piesces, who were born in March :)
6. Adele - theme artist of the month in my personal chart - love everything about her!

Happy Sunday!

Happy birthday, Nade!

Happy birthday to my beautiful mom! :))))))

Nikon D700, 50mm.

March's new dish: Mustard-roasted chicken & thyme potatoes

It's spring time already, and I don't know about you, but I definitely started picking the healthy food over the unquestionably delicious one. But healthy doesn't necessarily mean flavorless. I was browsing one of my favorite recipe blogs today when I came across two simple recipes for roasted chicken with potatoes. I wanted to cook chicken but since I got bored with the traditional recipes lately I decided to try Ginger Cookies' suggestions.

RECIPE for Mustard-roasted chicken:
    1 whole chicken (I used 1/2)
    100g butter
    white pepper
    thyme, dried
    freshly squeezed lemon juice


1. Wash and dry the chicken well.
2. The author says she cut the chicken breasts, because that way when baking the skin burns very well. When serving you can always get back and look a whole, if you wish. I cut my half chicken into portion pieces so that they are ready to serve after roasting.   
3. After that, rub the chicken with salt. Sprinkle it with white pepper inside and out, then squeeze fresh lemon juice to the chicken and let stand for 1 hour in the refrigerator.
4. Heat the oven to 190 degrees. 

5. Prepare a baking pan and put chicken in it.
6. Next, rub it well with mustard, sprinkle with dried thyme and put pieces of butter on top of the meat.
7. Bake chicken in the preheated oven without being covered with foil.

8. While roasting, take a spoon and pour the chicken with the juice it extracted in the pan at least 3-4 times.
9. Bake until ready.
In my oven that took about 1.5h.

The taste of this chicken is unforgettable I promise! It melts in the mouth and makes for a perfect healthy dinner.
 Source: Ginger Cookies (рецепта на български език)

RECIPE for Thyme potatoes:


    about 800 grams small fresh potatoes 
    2 full tbsp honey
    1/2 teaspoon dried thyme
    3 tablespoons dark balsamic vinegar
    about 4 tablespoons thick soy sauce (lightly sweetened) - I used Maggi's uni-sauce
    black pepper


1. Clean the fresh potatoes, but do not peel them. Put them in a tray.
2. Mix all other products (except butter) and pour the mixture onto them. Stir well to distribute evenly.
3. Melt half a packet of butter and pour over the potatoes just before you send them in the oven.
4. Bake in a preheated oven at 200 degrees. Occasionally, spread potatoes with the juice in the tray.

5. Serve the potatoes on the side of the Mustard chicken and voila! Simple as that! :))))))
 Source: Ginger Cookies (рецепта на български език)

I hope you are having many happy spring moments and delicious healthy food as often as possible!
March down, 9 more to go :D

Nikon D60, 18-55mm.

Teodor Jr.

My friend had her baby in early January this year. He was expected with great love, and was welcomed with sheer joy. I am so glad they let me see him and grab a couple of shots when he was just 25 days old.
I feel so blessed to be able to present to you little Teodor and his lovely parents :))))

Nikon D700, 50mm.

Happy birthday, summer girl!

Happy birthday, summer girl! May you have all the sun, the fun and the summer time whenever you wish for it! =)))))

 Nikon D700, 50mm.

Inspiration Tuesday

I have been feeling ultimately inspired in the last couple of days. No, I'm not shooting. But I have this idea in my head that I cannot stop thinking about and I might just have found something really valuable for me in it. I am thinking of ways to make this dream come true. Because it really has value in itself - for me, for you, for someone you love and wish all things happy for. When I am ready with my estimation and organization I will say it out aloud. Trust me, this one is amazing ;)

Meanwhile, I am sharing some random Tuesday inspiration I found here and there. Enjoy the week ahead and make it a good one! :)))

1. Lavender girl;

2. Color Palette Inspiration: Spring Pink + Cool Blue;  

3. Ladybug bokeh

OPI NYC Ballet Inspired Spring 2012
OPI, I'm in love!

YSL; D&G 2011

Happy Tuesday!

Snowdrops smell like spring

Today was a beautiful day outside. It was a bit windy, but not enough to prevent me from going to the garden and picking up my first spring bouquet of snowdrops.
I just love snowdrops. They are so small, and fragile, and tender. They need fresh water and tons of love. In return, they smell like spring, and this smell lasts.

Happy Sunday - happy week :)))

Photo: ipad 2