Self-challenged 2013

I am in the middle of doing my "countdown-to-2013" list of things, feelings, and people to break up with in the coming year. I must admit it feels liberating from the inside. It's unbelievable how much a person can achieve within herself, only if she could look inside her with her own eyes. I took a piece of paper and laid out all the things I fear, regret, or get angry with lately. Everything I could think of just on top of my head is in here. It turns out I've been spying on my bad habits for a while, and tonight I had to face them. Yes, I am all those things and I am not afraid to admit it...only to myself. I am human, and I am fragile in my emotions, I would not jump with joy if you knew about my greatest weaknesses. Although, if you are one of my closest friends, you already know these, and probably have a mental list of the same. I wonder, if I see myself clearly enough as the people on the outside of my shell...or is it more important on the inside? I don't know.

I am sharing herewith one of my darkest habits - the habit of procrastination. It has gotten into me for a long time now, and has stopped me from taking my steps, fulfilling my soulful desires, editing those old photos I left for later, making that call to my dearest friends, reading those exciting books beyond page 27.
You get the picture.

Last year I did a Resolutions list. I hardly did 50% of it. I guess I got overwhelmed at some point and instead of quitting just the things I could no longer keep up with, I quit it all. Bad idea. Made me look bad in my own eyes, and pushed me to think I must be out of shape. I wasn't. But I thought so. And I lost so much time procrastinating.

This year I want to challenge myself to just one thing

 Finish. Every. Single. Thing. I. Start. Till. the. End. Period.

Loud enough, clear enough, simple and short enough so I can repeat to myself all the time.


I am so ready for the new year. Are you coming along?

Inspired by the always aspiring and motivating Christina Greve with her Setting Your 2013 Goals tips for people who need help figuring out what is it they need to do themselves to live a happy life in the New Year.

Movie night

I am sitting here on a Friday night, thinking it over. It wasn't that long ago when I used to spend a good Friday night out in the city. I felt like I wasted a month of my life if I did not go out and celebrate...who knows what this time....there was always a reason.
For a while I've been feeling exactly the opposite. I love the curves of our sofa, the comfort of my fluffy slippers, I love having my corner in the room where I could just sit around and do my thing. Non-interrupted, no hurry. I love the quietness of the room even when filled with some TV buzz.
I find a good reason to spend my Friday night at home. I am not alone. Not anymore. I hope never again. And I love watching movies right here in this place with this person I share it all. Tonight we picked a movie, recommended by a family friend. The first time we followed his recommendation we were really enjoying it. This time, the movie went way above our expectations. I am no film critic and I do not want to turn out like one. I am just human, and I always give myself the permission to jump into it, to feel it, to become part of it.
That's why I was shedding a tear or two in the end of it. It touched me. So. Much. The Intouchables (2011)
The mere fact it was based on a true story makes it even more exciting that it already is.

The Intouchables (2011)

It reminded me this one little thing: we don't need much yo be happy. we just need to have a sense of humor. and a friend to share it with.
well, these would be three. but always better than none.

I hope you're having a fulfilling and delightful Friday night wherever you are spending it.

P.S. Today I am really, really thankful for my life, all the amazing people in it and this tender, loving goodnight kiss. So much love!

Inspiration Monday

Time flies these days. No, really! I was breezing through downtown Sofia yesterday afternoon, and I came across some wonderful shoe sales. One side of brain said I loved them, they were absolutely gorgeous and sexy, and if you could only imagine, they were even comfy! Then, other side of brain said it's a pair of sandals after all, and summer is almost I went to other stores and saw other shoes and tried them on....and they were not the first shoes. But I felt too embarrassed to go back in there for the third time in 2 hours.

So I wake up this morning and one of the first things I think about know what. Later on, I open facebook for a fresh dose of what my friends did in the last week or so, to come across this "sign". Well, it could have been a sign if I saw that yesterday I guess. Today I try to convince myself I did the right thing of walking away.

Anybody felt the same way? We should start a club and help each other overcome moments like this one.

I hope you have a great and inspirational week. And remember - life is short. Live it!

Inspiration Monday

Three things to live by this week...I would come back and repeatedly look at these, so they become my true mantra of the week. It's okay, take as many of these as you like and make them yours :)))))

Happy Monday!


We met in 1st grade and our friendship has only deepened since then. She has the biggest smile and the kindest heart.
She is one of the most beautiful women I've ever met - inside and out.

Tsvetelina, NikonD700, 50mm.

Graduation girls

I recently shot those two lovely girls just before their graduation party began. I did my best to shoot all of their colleagues in couples, triples, in work groups and everybody-ins.
Nevertheless, my favorite part of every session is portrait, portrait, portrait. This is why I am delighted to share the new additions to my most recent portfolio. Stay tuned for new work in the near future.

Ladies and gentleman, Miss Qna, & Miss Rali, both successfully graduated engineers!




Qni & Rali

Location: Best Western Hotel Expo Sofia

Nikon D700, 50mm.


Some new work from the last hour.

Model: Qni

Nikon D700, 50mm.

Fake lashes...voila!

Since this year has been claimed the year of fake lashes, and they are an absolute hit among women ages 16-60+, I decided to take a look into it. So I went to a store and bought a pair. The sales lady was kind enough to advise me not to go for the most extreme ones in length and design, since it is something you have to get used to, and be sure about before you jump into all the Drama Queen & Daisy Cow looks (not sure if I'll ever go that extreme, but oh well, never say never ;))

Today I accidentally came across Lisa Eldridge's youtube channel and I saw her video on How To Apply Full Strip Fake Lashes.  I must say I was charmed by her. It's not just the simple way she explains and the detailed step by step preview, but there's something about her self-confidence when she talks. If a woman can feel that good about herself and it shows so well even when just talking to a camera, she must have a bag full of precious tips & tricks. That's why I decided I'd share.

I'm sure half fake lashes also look great and as soon as I try, I'll make an update on how it went ;)

When a photographer...

When a photographer is anything but taking photos, what kind of photographer he/she is?
An amateur? A dull thing? A fork? Or just busy like hell? I like to think I'm the last in that order.
I hope I am!

It's been 40 days since my last blog post, and the photos in that post...they are even older. I wish I could do it better. But I can't. I cannot spare a free minute to shoot and then download, and then edit even a single photo. It is my way of escaping boring realities and routines. But lately my photography has been captured in an iPhone prison. It's so simple and fast it amazes me. At least I have that. It's just clicking and then applying filters. Anyone can do it. And there are so many people that do! I just hope I get back to myself in the coming days, weeks, months...whenever. As long as I come back to myself and my photography, I'll be fine, I know this.
Until then, I would just admire my friends' photography, which by the way is being amazing.

Just as I was finishing my post the weather got so inappropriate I could not believe it it was pouring ice drops on the outside of my roof, not on the inside.
I guess I should not be blogging anymore, then  ;D

Keep calm and enjoy a glass of nice wine. Don't worry, it's going to be okay sooner or later.

Camera: iPhone 4S, Instagram filter applied.


Happy birthday ♥

The best man I know.
And next to him, that's me - the luckiest girl. 

Happy birthday

Nikon D700, 50mm.

Flowers Day Lovin'

I love my nameday :) It's kind of like my birthday, I feel special because of all the nice wishes I get all day by mostly close friends and family. I think what I like the most about it is that I get to share it with so many other people named after flowers! It's a beautiful holiday, it comes just before Easter, and is one more way to confirm it's spring already!
Today we celebrate flowers, so may all of you who were named after them have a lovely rest of the day!

The sun was almost absent today, but I felt some really bright sunlight inside my heart and I felt blessed for yet another time. One of my dearest friends made a special surprise to me today and wrapped me an amazing gift.

I have sunflowers on my brand new flower cups (absolutely love them!!) and this means only one thing - mornings just got so much better!

 Photos: iPhone 4S

Happy Sunday!

March 2012 Gratitude List

March, thank you for:
1. Spring sunshine and high temperatures at last!
2. Women's day - which is like a national holiday around here celebrating womanity and beauty
3. Yellow shoes to brighten my mood as I walk around in them.
4. All the nice cafes in Students' town here in Sofia, that make me feel like I'm at the seaside already
5. All the cool Piesces, who were born in March :)
6. Adele - theme artist of the month in my personal chart - love everything about her!

Happy Sunday!

Happy birthday, Nade!

Happy birthday to my beautiful mom! :))))))

Nikon D700, 50mm.

March's new dish: Mustard-roasted chicken & thyme potatoes

It's spring time already, and I don't know about you, but I definitely started picking the healthy food over the unquestionably delicious one. But healthy doesn't necessarily mean flavorless. I was browsing one of my favorite recipe blogs today when I came across two simple recipes for roasted chicken with potatoes. I wanted to cook chicken but since I got bored with the traditional recipes lately I decided to try Ginger Cookies' suggestions.

RECIPE for Mustard-roasted chicken:
    1 whole chicken (I used 1/2)
    100g butter
    white pepper
    thyme, dried
    freshly squeezed lemon juice


1. Wash and dry the chicken well.
2. The author says she cut the chicken breasts, because that way when baking the skin burns very well. When serving you can always get back and look a whole, if you wish. I cut my half chicken into portion pieces so that they are ready to serve after roasting.   
3. After that, rub the chicken with salt. Sprinkle it with white pepper inside and out, then squeeze fresh lemon juice to the chicken and let stand for 1 hour in the refrigerator.
4. Heat the oven to 190 degrees. 

5. Prepare a baking pan and put chicken in it.
6. Next, rub it well with mustard, sprinkle with dried thyme and put pieces of butter on top of the meat.
7. Bake chicken in the preheated oven without being covered with foil.

8. While roasting, take a spoon and pour the chicken with the juice it extracted in the pan at least 3-4 times.
9. Bake until ready.
In my oven that took about 1.5h.

The taste of this chicken is unforgettable I promise! It melts in the mouth and makes for a perfect healthy dinner.
 Source: Ginger Cookies (рецепта на български език)

RECIPE for Thyme potatoes:


    about 800 grams small fresh potatoes 
    2 full tbsp honey
    1/2 teaspoon dried thyme
    3 tablespoons dark balsamic vinegar
    about 4 tablespoons thick soy sauce (lightly sweetened) - I used Maggi's uni-sauce
    black pepper


1. Clean the fresh potatoes, but do not peel them. Put them in a tray.
2. Mix all other products (except butter) and pour the mixture onto them. Stir well to distribute evenly.
3. Melt half a packet of butter and pour over the potatoes just before you send them in the oven.
4. Bake in a preheated oven at 200 degrees. Occasionally, spread potatoes with the juice in the tray.

5. Serve the potatoes on the side of the Mustard chicken and voila! Simple as that! :))))))
 Source: Ginger Cookies (рецепта на български език)

I hope you are having many happy spring moments and delicious healthy food as often as possible!
March down, 9 more to go :D

Nikon D60, 18-55mm.

Teodor Jr.

My friend had her baby in early January this year. He was expected with great love, and was welcomed with sheer joy. I am so glad they let me see him and grab a couple of shots when he was just 25 days old.
I feel so blessed to be able to present to you little Teodor and his lovely parents :))))

Nikon D700, 50mm.

Happy birthday, summer girl!

Happy birthday, summer girl! May you have all the sun, the fun and the summer time whenever you wish for it! =)))))

 Nikon D700, 50mm.

Inspiration Tuesday

I have been feeling ultimately inspired in the last couple of days. No, I'm not shooting. But I have this idea in my head that I cannot stop thinking about and I might just have found something really valuable for me in it. I am thinking of ways to make this dream come true. Because it really has value in itself - for me, for you, for someone you love and wish all things happy for. When I am ready with my estimation and organization I will say it out aloud. Trust me, this one is amazing ;)

Meanwhile, I am sharing some random Tuesday inspiration I found here and there. Enjoy the week ahead and make it a good one! :)))

1. Lavender girl;

2. Color Palette Inspiration: Spring Pink + Cool Blue;  

3. Ladybug bokeh

OPI NYC Ballet Inspired Spring 2012
OPI, I'm in love!

YSL; D&G 2011

Happy Tuesday!

Snowdrops smell like spring

Today was a beautiful day outside. It was a bit windy, but not enough to prevent me from going to the garden and picking up my first spring bouquet of snowdrops.
I just love snowdrops. They are so small, and fragile, and tender. They need fresh water and tons of love. In return, they smell like spring, and this smell lasts.

Happy Sunday - happy week :)))

Photo: ipad 2

February 2012 Gratitude List

Photo: Internet

My February started full of question marks, but it will end with a neatly done gratitude list. Spread the love!

Thank you, February, for:
1. Cirque du Soleil in Sofia LIVE! - Saltimbanco - Check! ;)
2. Turkish restaurants - where food is taken great care of, and customers gladly take care of food in turn.
3. My thoughtful boyfriend - you really rock my world!
4. The first rays of spring sunshine, taking the winter blues away, far away...
5. A friend who was sick, but recovered just recently - Moral of the story: spread love any given time, because life is fast when it comes to taking, and slow when it has to give.
6. Divas&Dreams blog by Christina Greve, being my new favorite thing to hit on as soon as I have a spare minute. Christina has an amazing personality and sunny spirit, and I love reading her tips on photography and life as a whole.
7. Babies, for they make the cutest faces on baby birthday parties - fill my heart with joy! And their mommies for inviting me and saving me some of the cake ;))))))
8. Pamporovo, for it welcomed me for the first time with its ticklish sunshine, clear blue skies, and head-high snow. Keep my fingers crossed we go there one more time this season...
9. I thank Tuesdays, for new episodes of Gossip Girl, or should I say I thank Gossip Girl for stress-free Tuesday nights on the sofa, especially in Champions' League season
10. Yoli - for sharing the easiest and most delicious recipes anytime I need one ;)
11. I am thankful for all of you who follow this blog, even when I am not posting that regularly. Thank you!
12. Last but not least, I am extraordinary thankful to the good people who found my favorite fluffy purple scarf and returned it to these other good people who kept it with them for a couple of days until I came back to look for it! You see, spontaneous good acts actually DO make a difference in this world! :))))))))

February's new dish: Carrot cookies with coconut

This month I decided to experiment with carrots. I also made a carrot cake but I think the recipe still could be improved, so I am going to find another variety, before I make a blog post about it.
Ta-daam! I found this super easy recipe for carrot cookies. You probably have all you need already, and if not, all the ingredients could be found at any supermarket around. These cookies turned out really delicious, and what is great about them is that carrots are actually good for you! (just don't overeat) ;)))))

RECIPE for Carrot cookies with coconut:

    4 big carrots
    100g melted butter
    3 t.sp. oil
    1 cup of sugar
    1 egg
    1 vanilla
    1 sp. mix of spices - cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg
    1/2 cup coconut flakes
    2 cups flour
    1 sp. baking powder

For the glaze:
    juice from 1 small mandarin
    2-3 t.sp. powder sugar


1. We clean and wash the carrots and then we cut them into rings. We cook them in hot water until they feel tender enough to be mashed. We cool them down with cold water, and then mash them finely with a fork or potato press.
2. After that, we take a bowl and mix the egg with sugar. Pour butter and oil and add the carrot puree. Season the mixture with the spice mix, vanilla and salt.
3. Pour the coconut and mix. Finally, add the flour previously sifted with the baking powder. In order to prepare the whole recipe you don't need to use a mixer. Domestic stirrer or spoon would do great.
4. Finally, we cover the tray with baking paper, and we use a spoon to make small piles of the mixture on it, having in mind we need to leave enough space between them so they don't touch each other. 

5. The recipe instructed to bake the cookies in preheated 170 * oven for 10-15 minutes or until nicely golden, but in my oven it actually took a little longer, so I guess you have to just look for the golden crown.
6. To prepare the glaze, you need to mix the mandarin juice with the powdered sugar. You need to determine the density by your own taste, so you could add juice or sugar as you please. The glaze should be good spill, but still remained on the surface. Mine actually went down the cookie, but still did its magic.
7. It would be best if you pour the glaze while the cookies are still warm so it dries much faster.
You can garnish with fresh shavings of fresh carrots and sprinkle with a little powdered sugar. 

 Source: Yoli (рецепта на български език)

I encourage you to try these at home and share with friends and family. I hope you like it!
February down, ten more to go! :D

 Nikon D60, 18-55mm.

Bye-bye now snowy winter!

I know it's been a really snowy winter this year, but wasn't it beautiful? Even though it's snowing a bit some of those days as well, I think it's winter's way of saying goodbye. It's a soft powdering with the last crystal snowflakes left in stock up there.
 Let's say goodbye with a smile, and little by little remove all the knitted scarves and hats, thick coats, and warm boots. Well, maybe leave one of each just in case...;)


Nikon D700, 50mm.

Families in B&W

As every beginner photographer I went through the vivid-color phase first. I loved it, I still do. But as conservative as I am with things I like, I like to change my game every now and then. I started thinking of black and whites. They are so much powerful than everything else. This is why I have decided to learn and make stunning B&Ws in 2012, and yes, in order to be more disciplined I included it in the 2012 Resolutions list.

I found out I love black and whites for family portraits. It makes it easier to see the resemblance between the parents and the child. I like the fact that black and white will always be in fashion, and it also puts the emphasis on the emotion, rather than on the setting and attire. Furthermore, if you have a background that is not as pretty as you'd wished, it simply doesn't matter when you make the conversion. And sometimes, it could emphasize things in the background even more, if desired. It's all up to you and your idea. Here's a couple of brand new B&Ws with a certain amount of haze on. I like the tenderness it adds to the contrast ;)

Nikon D700, 50mm.

Tsveti's 1st birthday

Tsveti's mommy has been one of my closest friends like forever. I remember playing with her even before we went to kindergarten together. It's amazing how childhood friendships, if they last long enough, they could sometimes last forever.

Last week was Tsveti's first birthday party and I was so happy to be there to capture it all. I've heard many stories of babies' first birthdays and mommies saying "Never again!" after a party or two...So far I've shot a couple of these and I found them so much fun I cannot believe someone could be terrified of it. Anyway, different babies, different parties I guess ;)
On Tsveti's first birthday I met so many cute little creatures, it made me wanna be their age and act all cute and funny, you know :)))))) Here's just a few of my shots that day.
And who knows, maybe someday I'll get to shoot Tsveti's babies first birthdays :))))

 Photo above: Gabi Syarova

 Nikon D700, 50mm.

Happy birthday, Stefcho!

You know the friend who stands out in a crowd not just because he is the tallest guy around, but more because he has the biggest smile on? Yeah, the guy who tells a funny joke, and a dirty joke, both with equally great success? The guy who follows every game of FC Levski Sofia be it live or online. Of course, you'll never see him wear a red shirt...
 The friend who plans the best (road) trips that turn into happy memories! Oh, well, and only a few days later you see photos of you sleeping in a bus/car/boat/plane/train/younameit, uploaded on facebook :D (so glad he stopped that! =D)
This guy, who worships milk chocolate and his girlfriend, maybe just as much as I do, is one of the best people I have ever met, not just in college, but in life.

Very merry happy birthday to you, Stefcho, full of lovely moments and heartwarming-wishes! Big presents, too! :D
Sending you both kisses and hugs and cannot wait to see you! =)))))))))))))

Valentine's is just a day...

I wrote 6 different texts in this post and I deleted all of them as soon as I finished them. It was never good enough, or clear enough, or descriptive enough, or even original. If someone could define Love, please be my guest! Today I find it impossible to put it into words, but surprisingly easy to express non-verbally ;)

I am a happy person, because I love and feel loved back not just by the most amazing man in my life, but also my family, friends, and all the random people I meet now and then. Love does not have to fit into anything - not a shape, nor color, not even a song. Don't try to control it and set it's boundaries, because it's nothing like it.
 Just enjoy and give back to the people who loved you in the first place. Do it in your own way, and it would be appreciated even greater than a mirrored gesture of oneself.

Well, we celebrated one day early, and not just because today it would be physically impossible, but also because we both believe Valentine's is just a day, and Love is always.

Valentine's day was never a big thing in the past, so we decided to exchange cards just to have as a memory to look back to someday. But did I mention I have the most thoughtful man by my side? He booked a restaurant I wanted to go to for some time now, and I never thought he did, so he nailed it with the first surprise. When we got home after dinner he gave me a red card labeled "To my gorgeous girlfriend", accompanied with a block of orange-flavored dark chocolate, and I felt like jumping up and down with excitement, even though I knew something like this was coming up at some point.  I know, I know, but I looove surprises =))))) The last part of his surprise list he kept for the morning when he was already out. We're splitting the two-part keyring as soon as he comes back, and then you know - two halves make a whole :)))))

My gift to him has something to do with photography, but too personal to share here. Next year I'll probably give some ideas the week before, so you could make something unique for a loved one yourself, just like I did. I'll just show a sneak peak of this super cool frame I found at the photo store in the neighborhood that I instantly fell in love with. The photograph that made it to be in the frame is the one that is the most favorite photo of our friends on facebook, hitting the like button more than 130 times. Haaalla!

Last but not least, I want to say HAPPY BIRHTDAY!!! to all my friends who were born today! :)))))))

Don't forget:  Valentine's is just a day, and Love is always!

 Camera: Nokia E72

Saltimbanco in Sofia LIVE!

If you read my previous post you should already have one thing figured out - I am a Cirque du Soleil ardent follower. And I intend to stay that way :))))

Last night's show was fantastic. Like always. It was colorful, full of joy, dances, jokes, greatly interactive with the audience, music was magical, and last but not least, after seeing four different shows of theirs, most of the acts were new to me!

Saltimbanco from the Italian "saltare in banco", literally means "to jump on a bench", as explained on their website. I am totatly in love with the music of the show, since I was all over goose-bumps as of the introduction of it till the end. I understand many people do not feel for it the same way, but I have entirely opened myself to this work of art and it is taking over me every single time. Every.Single.Time.

 I did a quick top 3 list of the acts I enjoyed the most :) :
1. Duo trapezze - incredible act of two girls performing aerial acrobatics in a swing high above the scene, literally raised my adrenaline for a while.
2. The Russian Swing - I thought it was amusing, and I shouldn't say more so the ones who didn't see it yet, could be amused themselves ;)
3. The third place in my personal list of favorites is hard to split between two unique acts - the Chinese Poles and the Bungees -  both acts talk about highly professional teamwork and trust..Enjoy!

You can get a taste of the music here. The rest is magic waiting to be discovered by you.

    Photo above: M. Tsonev

Nikon D60, 18-55mm.

Farewell, Cirque du Soleil  =))))))))))))