Day 167: Qni

Summer is here!
And I am at the beach finally :))))) ..with my new favorite model...Qni!

Fabulous photos coming one of those days...not exactly sure when because I'm at the beach as I said before :D

Salty kisses!

Nikon D700, 50mm.

Day 166: Raya ♥

Just a sneak peak of what I've been editing for the last couple of weeks, so much more cuteness coming soon... :))))))

Ladies and gentlemen, miss Raya!

Nikon D700, 50mm.

Day 165: Sunflowers for life!

Today's photo is about me and about the sunflowers that I've got a lifelong affection for. I adore them. I just feel happy when I see them be it on anything. And more than anything I have wanted to have a photo of me in a sunflower field. Cliche, I know, but a dream of mine for so long. Somehow I never did that, I always thought there's plenty of time, and before I know summer is over. Same story every year. Well, not this time!

Last weekend as we were coming back from a trip in the mountains we happened to pass by a sunflower field, and I immediately cried for stopping the car. I grabbed my camera and jumped out. The sun was behind but nevermind, we just grabbed the moment. And voila!

Dreams are a matter of strong wish, when time is right, and sometimes just the click of a button away ;)

Nikon D700, 50mm.
Photo by Mihail Tsonev
Photoshop edit by Kremena Ivanova

Day 164: Tsveti 3,5

Hooray! It's miss Tsveti again, and this time she's 3,5 months old. I shot these back in the end of May 2011, and although she's so much grown now I just had to share despite the delay :)))
I'm in a summerish mood, so are my photos today! :)))))

Happy Friday!

Nikon D700, 50mm.

Day 163: Gabby & Desi

Desi has been my lifelong friend. I have no clear memory of how we met, but it was really that long ago, and smells like kindergarten :)
Even though we separated ways way back in high school we still manage to keep in touch. We meet every once in a while but we always manage to catch up. It's rarely possible to keep friendships over distance and time, but it happens indeed and I am grateful for having a friend like her.

Gabby is her older sister, and she is just so precious. I love her portraits, so gentle, and natural, and expressive...

Nikon D700, 50mm.

Day 162: Bridal Party @ Arbanasi

Two weeks ago I was invited to shoot a surprise bridal party for a friend. She had no idea what was going to happen the same afternoon and it totally caught her by surprise. The girls were very enthusiastic about the photoshoot. Gabby, the organizer of the whole thing, had arranged two boliar costumes in order to have portraits of them to remember this day. I felt so happy being there with the girls it made me want my own bridal shower.
For all the girls who stick together and still enjoy their girly time together - keep it up! :))))))

And by the way, if you need someone to arrange a surprising and sentimental bridal party, or decorate the premises on your wedding day, just give me a sign and I will give you Gabby's contact information. She will be more than happy to share her ideas with you!

Nikon D700, 50mm.
Date: 25-06-11
Location: RACHEV HOTEL RESIDENCE, Arbanassi - perfect location! :))

Day 161: Hotalich sunsets

I've never been much of a landscaper, but this doesn't mean I don't admire a nice view, quite the contrary actually. I just find it hard to recreate what my eyes encounter in a sunset landscape..
Last week we climbed up to the old town of Hotalich nearby Sevlievo, north Bulgaria. Archeologists have excavated the area and among the things they found are dwellings and fort gates, as well as an old church and tower.
Even if you are not that much into archeology and history you would still enjoy this place because of the wonderful views and sunsets you can witness from up there.

For more information search on Hotalich Fortress.

Nikon D60, 18-55mm.