Day 150: June 1st - Children FIRST!

Right in the middle of the calendar year, there it is - June 1st :)))) Today is the day we celebrate children. It's sunny, and bright, and carefree, just the perfect day to get your children, or other people's children, to the park, to the cinema, the playground, or simply let them have as much ice-cream as they ask for! I'm in love with children and everything there's out there about them starting with sweets, clothes and shoes, movies, and last but not least - toys! I feel good around them, I want to squeeze them, play with them and take photos of them all day long. But you must have guessed that by now.

Today's photo was not taken by me. It was taken by a 4 year old friend of mine, called Tsveti. I bought the doll as a gift for her, and in return she named it after me! Nobody ever did that :))))))
I wish more children are having the time of their lives and living the childhood dreams of their parents!

Nikon D60, 18-55mm.
Photo by Tsveti.

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