Day 169: Days of summer...Balkandjii by the pool

When it's hot outside we all dream of a continuous breeze and cold water to splash in.
For me, the perfect summer vacation has always been someplace by the sea. But this year I tried something new. We booked a villa in the mountains with a group of friends, and spent a weekend at the town of Apriltsi, which is full of renovated country houses to stay in. Ours had a swimming pool and that's not the only thing about it, but as you can imagine the whole day revolved around it. So did my photos.
I must acknowledge that I did learn myself a lesson. The mountain can be just as hot, pleasant, and hospitable in the summer as any seaside resort, but there's one thing which makes it better - it's so cool in the evenings! Yes, I actually put socks on, and got wrapped into a cardigan. But it was worth it!

The town of Apriltsi is loved by many for the green surroundings everywhere you turn, clean air, and hospitable landlords taking great care for all of us urban tourists in their most comfortable guest houses. I recommend house Balkandjii ( and I'll probably see you there sometime next summer ;)

Nikon D700, 50mm.

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