Day 190: Bonne Maman...on a cheesecake! Yum!

Has anyone here heard of Confiture Bonne Maman? I am sure you have...probably at least a couple of you :))) I first saw this brand when I was visiting a food fair a couple of years ago. I loved their marketing, and the cute bags they gave away to visitors. I got one myself this last time, felt so niiiice :)))

A couple of weeks ago I was buying me some products for a cheesecake I wanted to make for a loved one. I came across Bonne Maman in Billa supermarket in my neighborhood and could not resist but get at least one jar (yeah I always want to get them all...)of that precious thing. Yeah, the price is like double up the rest of the products on that shelf, but I just had to try it once and for all. So it went down in my shopping basket like a kid rolling down a steep road in roller blades :)))))) Real fast ;D

The confiture turned out to have whole strawberries in it which made it just perfect for the purpose. And I was so sorry I had to put it all on the cheesecake, and nothing more left, not even a spoonful...
All in all, the marmalade is sweet enough, totally delicious, smells like strawberry heaven and spreads easy,really easy.

Got to love some cheesecake with it, don't we?! ♥ :)))))

Nikon D700, 50mm.

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