I photo-challenge myself as of today!

I've been spending most of my free time lately reading books and articles, as well as watching online tutorials on how to improve my photography, but I got so carried away by all the information I gathered that I simply didn't have the time to really take advantage of it all. Moreover, as a result I had to cut on things I used to enjoy doing before that do not involve spending the day on a chair. So I decided I needed some structure on a daily basis and here's how I plan to do it.

As of today I am going to be posting a new photo every day, I would be trying new techniques of shooting and post-processing and see how far I get with time. I am planning to have fun, fun, and only fun with this task.
I would not limit myself by any other rule but that of posting a brand new photo each day.

Inspirational Quote: "You can only go as far as you push."

So, I push ;)


  1. Krem, the sky is the limit :) Wish you best of luck and tons of fun!!! Xoxo, Dani