Day 138: Looking for luck

You know four-leafed clovers are a rare. They say you've found luck if you find one.
When I was little I remember playing in the grass, collecting flowers and always ending up looking for one of these. I rarely found one. I would always run out of play time and they would take me home. So, I would go searching for it the next time they take me to the park.
I don't know if luck is that rarely found in life. I consider myself lucky, and I know many people I would say are lucky, too. But I sometimes hear people complaining and claiming lack of luck. I really, really think they focus on the things that don't work out the way they wanted them to. They see it as a misfortune and fail to notice if this "accident of bad luck" brought them something nice later on. Those people also forget to notice the good things that happen to them. Therefore, they see it all gray and unlucky.
If it helps, go to the market and buy some seeds, grow your own lucky flower pot and trust it brings you good fortune. Nobody else could believe in this, but you! Try to think of all the great things that happened to you, just for some 20 minutes. See? You are just as lucky as you could feel you are! :)))))

Nikon D700, 50mm.

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