Day 162: Bridal Party @ Arbanasi

Two weeks ago I was invited to shoot a surprise bridal party for a friend. She had no idea what was going to happen the same afternoon and it totally caught her by surprise. The girls were very enthusiastic about the photoshoot. Gabby, the organizer of the whole thing, had arranged two boliar costumes in order to have portraits of them to remember this day. I felt so happy being there with the girls it made me want my own bridal shower.
For all the girls who stick together and still enjoy their girly time together - keep it up! :))))))

And by the way, if you need someone to arrange a surprising and sentimental bridal party, or decorate the premises on your wedding day, just give me a sign and I will give you Gabby's contact information. She will be more than happy to share her ideas with you!

Nikon D700, 50mm.
Date: 25-06-11
Location: RACHEV HOTEL RESIDENCE, Arbanassi - perfect location! :))

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