Day 165: Sunflowers for life!

Today's photo is about me and about the sunflowers that I've got a lifelong affection for. I adore them. I just feel happy when I see them be it on anything. And more than anything I have wanted to have a photo of me in a sunflower field. Cliche, I know, but a dream of mine for so long. Somehow I never did that, I always thought there's plenty of time, and before I know summer is over. Same story every year. Well, not this time!

Last weekend as we were coming back from a trip in the mountains we happened to pass by a sunflower field, and I immediately cried for stopping the car. I grabbed my camera and jumped out. The sun was behind but nevermind, we just grabbed the moment. And voila!

Dreams are a matter of strong wish, when time is right, and sometimes just the click of a button away ;)

Nikon D700, 50mm.
Photo by Mihail Tsonev
Photoshop edit by Kremena Ivanova

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