Day 173: Days of summer...The cousin affair

Cousins are like siblings. It's just that they are your parents', grandparents', or your grandparents' parents' brothers and sisters and their children. Oh well, this could be explained way better by a chart. In other words, cousins are family, but not immediate family, even though you might feel them just as close as that. The curious thing about it is that sometimes cousins can be real "lookalikes". The young ladies below are not a mother and daughter, nor sisters. The older one is a cousin of the baby's mommy. And that's all. But they look so much alike, especially when comparing baby photos of Qni with recent photos of Alexa. Cousinship (i just made that word up) is so cool! I hope I meet a mini-me one day, too... :)))))))))
Nikon D700, 50mm.

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