Inspiration Tuesday

I have been feeling ultimately inspired in the last couple of days. No, I'm not shooting. But I have this idea in my head that I cannot stop thinking about and I might just have found something really valuable for me in it. I am thinking of ways to make this dream come true. Because it really has value in itself - for me, for you, for someone you love and wish all things happy for. When I am ready with my estimation and organization I will say it out aloud. Trust me, this one is amazing ;)

Meanwhile, I am sharing some random Tuesday inspiration I found here and there. Enjoy the week ahead and make it a good one! :)))

1. Lavender girl;

2. Color Palette Inspiration: Spring Pink + Cool Blue;  

3. Ladybug bokeh

OPI NYC Ballet Inspired Spring 2012
OPI, I'm in love!

YSL; D&G 2011

Happy Tuesday!

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