Inspiration Monday

Three things to live by this week...I would come back and repeatedly look at these, so they become my true mantra of the week. It's okay, take as many of these as you like and make them yours :)))))

Happy Monday!


  1. These three things must be everyone's mantra not for a week, but for a life!

    P.S. Your english is incredible. Can you speak it like you write?

  2. Oh, thank you :) I studied and lived in a multicultural environment for some years, and I find it easier to express in written English, than my mother tongue. However, I am planinging of making an effort to write in both languages alongside.

    Thanks for stopping by! I love getting comments :)))))))))

  3. I think you should stick with English, it makes your posts sounds like a poem! You can't achieve that effect with Bulgarian.

    Excuse my English, I haven't lived in multicultural environment yet:)