Inspiration Monday

Time flies these days. No, really! I was breezing through downtown Sofia yesterday afternoon, and I came across some wonderful shoe sales. One side of brain said I loved them, they were absolutely gorgeous and sexy, and if you could only imagine, they were even comfy! Then, other side of brain said it's a pair of sandals after all, and summer is almost I went to other stores and saw other shoes and tried them on....and they were not the first shoes. But I felt too embarrassed to go back in there for the third time in 2 hours.

So I wake up this morning and one of the first things I think about know what. Later on, I open facebook for a fresh dose of what my friends did in the last week or so, to come across this "sign". Well, it could have been a sign if I saw that yesterday I guess. Today I try to convince myself I did the right thing of walking away.

Anybody felt the same way? We should start a club and help each other overcome moments like this one.

I hope you have a great and inspirational week. And remember - life is short. Live it!

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