Day 186: Tikvenburg

My hometown is just lovely. For so many different reasons.

This time I have in mind the annual fall fair in town in the middle of October. Since my hometown's symbol is the pumpkin (in Bulgarian tikva), we cherish it so much that we celebrate with a carnival, with artistic exhibitions, as well as a culinary show, of course, made with the use of pumpkin. Everyone, from kindergarten children to grown ups get involved in all the preparations. It feels like the community here is quite united compared to other parts of Bulgaria. Lucky Sevlievo :)))

It is so beautiful to come back home in autumn and have a little feast, do a little chit-chat with old friends, and simply enjoy your time.

Here's a bit of Tikvenburg 2011. Next year if you wonder what to do in the middle of October you might want to consider a trip to Sevlievo, and celebrate with the people there. They sure know how to make one at home :))))))

Nikon D60, 18-55mm.

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