Day 188:!

The town of Cologne is a charm. It is a place worth seeing, tasting, experiencing. I visit Cologne for work every now and then, and even though I have a hard time walking at the end of the day, I love going out for dinner. So far I've found a few places I can recommend. This last time I was staying in a pretty central location which saved me some hurtful walking in high-heels (I know, it was stupid, but they just feel so nice at first...). That's why I went straight into the first couple of places that caught my eyes. All of them are on the left side of the Dom Cathedral in the heart of Cologne.

My first recommendation goes to....Früh am Dom! This is an authentic German style restaurant, where they bring you draft beer as soon as you are seated even though you didn't ask for it....they just know you eventually are going to ;) That's a place where you can see a guy carry around more than 20 beers in a metal kind of tray made especially for that purpose. Amusing :))) Food is great, too, by the way :D

Second recommendation goes to............Chicago Steak House! Friendly staff, friendly atmosphere, friendly customers....all in all - friendly place! Steaks are delicious, deserts are worth a try as well :)))

My third and last tips go to................Barrios! A Spanish-style cocktail bar that saved me from getting a cold by serving me a warm and oh-so-nice potato soup and tacos with cheese...of course, Spanish wine included! I like this place a lot, maybe because of my endless affiliation to Spain and all things Spanish, or because of the warm feeling I got as soon as I entered the place. I just like it so much that I wanted to take it back in a suitcase and put it somewhere in Sofia so I can go whenever I feel like it.!

Oh.....and I almost forgot....Oh HARIBO ♥

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  1. I hope to check these out one day!