Day 187: Elections 2011 knocking at the door...

It's almost elections time here in Bulgaria...few more days to go...the sooner it passes the better, at least in terms of all the ugly debates and the whole campaign bullshit (excuse me!) on TV.

And here's a common question: Are YOU going to vote?

Below is a preview of Bulgaria's past, present, and let's keep fingers crossed, brighter than ever future! Bulgaria is in the hands of young people now, so can we make it all happen?

I hope so. I honestly think that in order for things to improve there's always a need for a change. So go on, and change something.

Here's a little joke from this past weekend in Tikvenburg ;) Yes, we like to make that kind of fun with our politicians, just the same way they sometimes make fun of us (no offense, of course, please..;) )

Nikon D60, 18-55mm.

P.S. I am not trying to convince anybody he/she should vote for someone in particular, I just think it's important to make a move, no matter what, but to be involved, even if not going to the elections at all. You name it ;)

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