Movie night

I am sitting here on a Friday night, thinking it over. It wasn't that long ago when I used to spend a good Friday night out in the city. I felt like I wasted a month of my life if I did not go out and celebrate...who knows what this time....there was always a reason.
For a while I've been feeling exactly the opposite. I love the curves of our sofa, the comfort of my fluffy slippers, I love having my corner in the room where I could just sit around and do my thing. Non-interrupted, no hurry. I love the quietness of the room even when filled with some TV buzz.
I find a good reason to spend my Friday night at home. I am not alone. Not anymore. I hope never again. And I love watching movies right here in this place with this person I share it all. Tonight we picked a movie, recommended by a family friend. The first time we followed his recommendation we were really enjoying it. This time, the movie went way above our expectations. I am no film critic and I do not want to turn out like one. I am just human, and I always give myself the permission to jump into it, to feel it, to become part of it.
That's why I was shedding a tear or two in the end of it. It touched me. So. Much. The Intouchables (2011)
The mere fact it was based on a true story makes it even more exciting that it already is.

The Intouchables (2011)

It reminded me this one little thing: we don't need much yo be happy. we just need to have a sense of humor. and a friend to share it with.
well, these would be three. but always better than none.

I hope you're having a fulfilling and delightful Friday night wherever you are spending it.

P.S. Today I am really, really thankful for my life, all the amazing people in it and this tender, loving goodnight kiss. So much love!


  1. great movie :)
    I loved it!

  2. "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" is a very good choice if you wander what to do this friday night:)

  3. Thank you! I would look into it for the next time we decide on a movie night, definitely not this coming Friday ;)