Day 124: Put your martenitsa on a tree!

April has been here for 10 days already so it's about time you get your martenitsa hung on a tree!
Last Sunday I came across this big tree that looked like a Martenitsa Museum. Of course I hung my martenitsas over there. As I was taking my photo, a couple of guys who were passing by expressed their disapproval of doing this kind of harm to poor trees and called it "barbarian". I'm cool with people having opinions and sharing them.
However, I don't feel it's okay when it seems like some people feel traditions are no longer necessary. Well, I couldn't help but feel sorry for people who embrace foreign traditions in denial of their own.

And remember, even if you didn't see a stork, you can simply put it on a blooming tree :))))

Nikon D60, 18-55mm.

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