Day 126: Briliantin Spring Ball 2011

There is a place in Sofia where retro music sounds good even to those who don't enjoy it that much. I am talking about a club with pleasant atmosphere, good-looking people, original drinks and classic retro music like nowhere else in Sofia. I'm talking about Briliantin ( This is the only place for non-chalga music in town, that keeps busy throughout the whole week, from my experience. And that's just another big reason I am taking a bow. There's just one disadvantage to it - it is never too big to fit all of its customers.

I was invited to their Spring Ball a couple of weeks ago and the party took place at a way bigger venue, not in the disco club itself. It was still cracking full and strangers would hug each other by trying to fit inside. The organizers had invited the C+C MUSIC FACTORY feat. FREEDOM WILLIAMS that rocked the audience. And of course, the breaker boys were a 10! :)))

Nikon D60, 18-55mm.

P.S. Can't wait for the summer parties at Briliantin Sunny Beach... ;)

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