Day 128: Santiago Bernabeu meets Me ;)

It was a good game tonight. Two of the best Spanish teams were on fire. Barcelona almost kicked Real Madrid's a**. I wish I could be there at least for one of those derbies.
It reminded me of my visit to the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in Madrid last spring with my mom and dad. It's the best stadium I've been at, and it felt amazing.

Santiago Bernabeu @ Madrid

Mios dios, I miss that seat :))))

Me and the boys ;)

Photos by mom ;)
Nikon D60, 18-55mm.


  1. The Santiago Bernabeu is beautiful during the day, but it gets more amazing when it's filled with amazing Real Madrid fans roaring and screaming their hearts out for the whole team. :) Anyhow, the last photo captured my attention. “Me and the boys”. You looked great standing with these awesome players. They have lots of new kits for this season, but their white jersey was still my favorite. It looks simple but classy!

  2. Do you have a Real Madrid shirt? It could have been better if you were wearing it while you had the last photo taken. Haha! That would have surely made you feel that you're part of the club. Nonetheless, visiting their home stadium proved that you're a Madridista. I'm happy for you! :)

    Linnie Dimmitt @ Uniforms Express