February 2012 Gratitude List

Photo: Internet

My February started full of question marks, but it will end with a neatly done gratitude list. Spread the love!

Thank you, February, for:
1. Cirque du Soleil in Sofia LIVE! - Saltimbanco - Check! ;)
2. Turkish restaurants - where food is taken great care of, and customers gladly take care of food in turn.
3. My thoughtful boyfriend - you really rock my world!
4. The first rays of spring sunshine, taking the winter blues away, far away...
5. A friend who was sick, but recovered just recently - Moral of the story: spread love any given time, because life is fast when it comes to taking, and slow when it has to give.
6. Divas&Dreams blog by Christina Greve, being my new favorite thing to hit on as soon as I have a spare minute. Christina has an amazing personality and sunny spirit, and I love reading her tips on photography and life as a whole.
7. Babies, for they make the cutest faces on baby birthday parties - fill my heart with joy! And their mommies for inviting me and saving me some of the cake ;))))))
8. Pamporovo, for it welcomed me for the first time with its ticklish sunshine, clear blue skies, and head-high snow. Keep my fingers crossed we go there one more time this season...
9. I thank Tuesdays, for new episodes of Gossip Girl, or should I say I thank Gossip Girl for stress-free Tuesday nights on the sofa, especially in Champions' League season
10. Yoli - for sharing the easiest and most delicious recipes anytime I need one ;)
11. I am thankful for all of you who follow this blog, even when I am not posting that regularly. Thank you!
12. Last but not least, I am extraordinary thankful to the good people who found my favorite fluffy purple scarf and returned it to these other good people who kept it with them for a couple of days until I came back to look for it! You see, spontaneous good acts actually DO make a difference in this world! :))))))))


  1. it's my favorite blog challenge so far :) keeps me focused on the good times rather than the bad ones ;)