Cirque du Soleil! Yaaay! Yaaaaaaay!

Yes! It is today! I've been waiting a while but not that long really, for Cirque du Soleil to put a foot downtown Sofia. So excited, really! I have been jumping and singing silly songs all week, making my own lyrics, and of course they were about this special for me event. The show we're about to see tonight is called Saltimbanco.

I fell in love with Cirque du Soleil, when it was only a virtual idea in my head. It was in prof. Miree's HR class that we had a case on their salaries and benefits. And then she played a video so we could see what is this circus thing like. I mean, circus like circus you know. But NO! No, no, no. It was a few minutes later towards the end of that video that I knew it was Love. You know, with my heart.
It was around that time that I started dreaming I would one day go and see their show in person. And it was really the dreamy talk in the undefined future, and just less than a year away (oh how little did I know about life).

The first show of Cirque du Soleil that I saw in London with my best friend Stella was called Quidam. This was on the 6th of February, 2009. And oh my, was I excited. The show was a blast! And I don't know if you could imagine how happy I really was. I even have a photo on the show's truck :D

So far so good, but not exactly. I traveled to Dubai in the end of March that same year, literally 6 weeks later, and I read that they are hosting Alegria, for the same period of my stay! Imagine my face in that precious moment. And Alegria was actually the show that made me fall for it. This day holds a special place in my heart, just like the first one :)))

Before you make any excited conclusions about me and my loves, let me tell you one last story. I visited Las Vegas exactly a month later, and it was for work again. I don't know if you are familiar, but Vegas has a thing for shows, places to entertain people, to let them lose some money, or sometimes to win just a little to feel lucky. It has everything you need, or don't. And it also offers more than one Cirque du Soleil ways to keep you excited. All of them as different as they could be. But we chose KA. It's based on marshal arts, and honestly it was quite different than a normal circus and what I've seen so far. I will not say more, go see for yourself if you wish. If I go back there I would definitely love to see the O show, which is a water-based show. I believe it is amazing! :))))

I had so many people calling me to let me know my favorite circus is coming to town. I am so thankful to everyone :))))) and I am really curious to see what would people who have never seen their shows before think about it, so please call me again after! :)))))))

I am counting hours before tonight's show. I am going with my family and I am looking forward to enjoying it all.
Sending my love around the internet, because I am happy like that!

QUIDAM @ London, February 2009

ALEGRIA @ Dubai, March 2009

KA @ Las Vegas, April 2009

Photos: Personal archive

Some of the shows are touring all the time, others are residing in places like Las Vegas. I strongly encourage you when you get to travel abroad, to take a look at their website and check if they have a show in town. It does make a difference to a trip whenever, wherever ;)))

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