Valentine's is just a day...

I wrote 6 different texts in this post and I deleted all of them as soon as I finished them. It was never good enough, or clear enough, or descriptive enough, or even original. If someone could define Love, please be my guest! Today I find it impossible to put it into words, but surprisingly easy to express non-verbally ;)

I am a happy person, because I love and feel loved back not just by the most amazing man in my life, but also my family, friends, and all the random people I meet now and then. Love does not have to fit into anything - not a shape, nor color, not even a song. Don't try to control it and set it's boundaries, because it's nothing like it.
 Just enjoy and give back to the people who loved you in the first place. Do it in your own way, and it would be appreciated even greater than a mirrored gesture of oneself.

Well, we celebrated one day early, and not just because today it would be physically impossible, but also because we both believe Valentine's is just a day, and Love is always.

Valentine's day was never a big thing in the past, so we decided to exchange cards just to have as a memory to look back to someday. But did I mention I have the most thoughtful man by my side? He booked a restaurant I wanted to go to for some time now, and I never thought he did, so he nailed it with the first surprise. When we got home after dinner he gave me a red card labeled "To my gorgeous girlfriend", accompanied with a block of orange-flavored dark chocolate, and I felt like jumping up and down with excitement, even though I knew something like this was coming up at some point.  I know, I know, but I looove surprises =))))) The last part of his surprise list he kept for the morning when he was already out. We're splitting the two-part keyring as soon as he comes back, and then you know - two halves make a whole :)))))

My gift to him has something to do with photography, but too personal to share here. Next year I'll probably give some ideas the week before, so you could make something unique for a loved one yourself, just like I did. I'll just show a sneak peak of this super cool frame I found at the photo store in the neighborhood that I instantly fell in love with. The photograph that made it to be in the frame is the one that is the most favorite photo of our friends on facebook, hitting the like button more than 130 times. Haaalla!

Last but not least, I want to say HAPPY BIRHTDAY!!! to all my friends who were born today! :)))))))

Don't forget:  Valentine's is just a day, and Love is always!

 Camera: Nokia E72

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