Happy birthday, Stefcho!

You know the friend who stands out in a crowd not just because he is the tallest guy around, but more because he has the biggest smile on? Yeah, the guy who tells a funny joke, and a dirty joke, both with equally great success? The guy who follows every game of FC Levski Sofia be it live or online. Of course, you'll never see him wear a red shirt...
 The friend who plans the best (road) trips that turn into happy memories! Oh, well, and only a few days later you see photos of you sleeping in a bus/car/boat/plane/train/younameit, uploaded on facebook :D (so glad he stopped that! =D)
This guy, who worships milk chocolate and his girlfriend, maybe just as much as I do, is one of the best people I have ever met, not just in college, but in life.

Very merry happy birthday to you, Stefcho, full of lovely moments and heartwarming-wishes! Big presents, too! :D
Sending you both kisses and hugs and cannot wait to see you! =)))))))))))))

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