Saltimbanco in Sofia LIVE!

If you read my previous post you should already have one thing figured out - I am a Cirque du Soleil ardent follower. And I intend to stay that way :))))

Last night's show was fantastic. Like always. It was colorful, full of joy, dances, jokes, greatly interactive with the audience, music was magical, and last but not least, after seeing four different shows of theirs, most of the acts were new to me!

Saltimbanco from the Italian "saltare in banco", literally means "to jump on a bench", as explained on their website. I am totatly in love with the music of the show, since I was all over goose-bumps as of the introduction of it till the end. I understand many people do not feel for it the same way, but I have entirely opened myself to this work of art and it is taking over me every single time. Every.Single.Time.

 I did a quick top 3 list of the acts I enjoyed the most :) :
1. Duo trapezze - incredible act of two girls performing aerial acrobatics in a swing high above the scene, literally raised my adrenaline for a while.
2. The Russian Swing - I thought it was amusing, and I shouldn't say more so the ones who didn't see it yet, could be amused themselves ;)
3. The third place in my personal list of favorites is hard to split between two unique acts - the Chinese Poles and the Bungees -  both acts talk about highly professional teamwork and trust..Enjoy!

You can get a taste of the music here. The rest is magic waiting to be discovered by you.

    Photo above: M. Tsonev

Nikon D60, 18-55mm.

Farewell, Cirque du Soleil  =))))))))))))

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