Day 12 - Lucky Number 8

If you know me well you probably know I always enjoy a good game of pool. I do not play strictly by the rules but I rather prefer adjusting them just before the game with my partner, because I play for pleasure, not for fame.

I don't compete for score, even though I don't like losing..but I managed to live with that lately since I obviously play with lucky partners :D

The shot is from a game I was just shooting, and not winning or losing :) The guys were fun to watch, but they accused me of distraction so I had to move fast and invisible :)))

Nikon D60, 18-55mm, ISO 200, f /4.5, 1/6sec, no flash. I am a big fan of a pretty bokeh, so I am quite pleased with the result in this photo, even though I regret that I missed to see the glare in the 8th ball, could have turned it just a little.

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