Day 5 - "New Day" Christmas Charity Ball

The closer we get to Christmas, the more difficult it gets for me to find time for this project. So even with a slight delay sometimes I am still determined to do this.

Yesterday I shot a Christmas Charity Ball for my friends from Allegra Agency ( It was a beautiful and heart-warming event made with great effort and attention to details. Well-done, girls! Keep up with the great work!

This is the part everyone enjoyed with all their hearts, eyes and ears - Bon Bon boys and girls :))) My Bulgarian friends are well aware of their talents and magical voices, but for my foreign friends I could not just put it into words. It's so much bigger than that :)))))))

At the Ball there were celebrities and friends, taking eager action in the Charity Auction organized especially to raise money for buying new equipment for newborn babies at Sheinovo Hospital in Sofia.

You can tell a good party by the desert. This beauty was made by Cake House "Rosita" specially for the ball.

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