Day 17 - Save a Tree, Decorate a Friend

Last year this time I was a student at the IED Madrid, and one of my projects required me to create a performance of some kind, which I had to show in front of my class using a media of my choice. I had some idea of going around hugging strangers with a "free hug" sign, while someone shoots that for me. I felt it was cliche but too shy to do something out of the box. One day I went to the Chinese store to get some decoration for my apartment and this crazy idea came to my mind. At that time the HOPENHAGEN project was gaining popularity so I decided to actually do something practical and mix those ideas...I made a short movie with a clear message: SAVE A TREE, DECORATE A FRIEND

I had to shoot a few times because I was laughing too hard, feeling really stupid. No need to say how embarassed I felt when I showed it in class. But it seemed like everybody liked it so I just laugh about it ever since ;)

I have always craved for a real Christmas tree at home, I just love the smell of it, but this year I am actually looking for a fake one, so it made a difference if not for someone else at least for myself. Be the change!

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