Day 7 - Studio La Luna

I've had trouble keeping up with my project lately, but I am not giving up on it.
Never been a quitter ;) So here's Day 7:

These are my first photos of a real model in a real (and very cool) studio in Madrid -> Studio La Luna. Special thanks to Jose Luis Beneyto for giving us access to his studio, make-up artist and stylist, as well as the charming Colombian model (I simply don't remember her name?!), and last but not least, his Canon 1D, mark II. I never thought a camera could weight that much ..and yes, there was a battery grip attached to it!

The model was supposed to look grunge, and you can tell this by the pale natural make-up, also the cross-earring and the clothes - the denim jacket says it all. She changed two outfits, but I only got to shoot this one.

Here's a couple of the images I took back then, no post-processing was applied.

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