Day 65 - the Joy of LOVE ♥

A month ago I signed up on a list for an absolutely FREE online course with a truly inspiring blogging photographer - Kelly Willette from . The course is called the Joy of LOVE and it's main purpose is not only to capture the month of love, but also to remind ourselves of the love that we feel for one another, for the people and things that we keep in our hearts.

Throughout the whole month of February Kelly is going to send me an email each day with tips and tricks, as well as assignments. I am attaching a photo from Toledo last spring, just to warm up, and I hope I can keep up with the pace of the course so I meet a new challenge every day :)))

The course is still open for anyone who wishes to join, so I would encourage that!
So far, it's been working for me ♥

Toledo, Spain 2010.

Nikon D60, 18-55mm.

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