Day 82 - Joy of ♥ 17: staying in...the office

Okay I admit it. I twisted it up just a little. Lately I feel like this assignment is not as challenging as I wished it would be, with the topics overlapping a few times, but I decided I can challenge myself while in motion. The next topic was called staying in...I just added the office part myself, and here's why.

The last few days we spent in our hometown Sevlievo, north Bulgaria, staying at home with our families. This is also where work is for me. It's the mother ship here. It's where my dad's business is, was, will always be I guess...all things well.
And since office feels more like home around here because of the time we spend in it on a daily basis, I think the twist is okay. Besides, sometimes it feels like people there are family.. :)
My dad is at his office every day, Mon-Sun, so this is what it looks like when staying in.

Nikon D700, 50mm.

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