Day 89 - Joy of ♥ 24: where

Here comes the next one... It's asking where did we first meet, or fell in love with each other. That's hard to tell, first of all, because we come from the same place and we practically have known each other forever. And second of all, it's too hard to determine where and when exactly did we feel those so called butterflies...and maybe too personal to tell aloud ;)

That's why I am attaching a photo of the two of us from Christmas at home in 2008 when we actually met in the real sense of the word, and according to me - we spoke for the first time =D It's been a long journey since then, with ups and downs along the way, but somehow it feels like everything that happened, happened for a reason.

A long story told short.

Author of photo: unknown. (but most probably it's George?! :D)

P.S. Ignore the sober guy behind, he's just a totally different story I'll tell some other time :D

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