Day 73 - Joy of ♥ 8: love from the heart

The next joy of love topic is called love from the heart. The assignment was to try to capture a "gift" from the heart - something said, promised, done or given by a loved one.

I could probably make more than a thousand photos on this topic with all the faces and the things I was given by friends and makes my heart warm just thinking about all those things said, promised, done and given.

The gift I chose to capture today is a pair of heart-shaped earrings I got from M. last Christmas. They quickly climbed to the top favorites in my jewelry box. And it's not just because they are pretty. When I get a gift that I feel comes from the heart of the person giving it, I hold on to this gift, whatever it is, because it gives me faith, strength and makes me believe in the good side of everything.

So, give and receive with love, and hold on to everything worth loving! And, please, not only on Valentine's day ;)

Nikon D700, 50mm.

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