Day 76 - Joy of ♥ 11: dreams

Next topic is dreams.

Children dream all the time. The older we grow, the less we tolerate dreaming. We try to stay in the present time and fight whatever we are faced with. And we forget about dreaming, thinking now it's not the right time. But that's wrong, because there's never a right time.

Dreams are the fastest escape from reality. They cost nothing, and are as mobile as we are, as brave as we wish... And we can go as far as we push. (my most favorite quote =D)

My sweet little friend Emilie brings a notebook and a bag of color pencils every time we meet. She loves to draw and I love watching her unveiling her imagination on the empty pages. I am sure the dreams in her head are wonderful and colorful, just like her drawing notebook.

Nikon D700, 50mm.

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