Day 80 - Joy of ♥ 15: kiss

So... it's time for kissing ;)))
Here's one of my favorite couples to photograph - Dani & Stefcho. They are huggable, lovable, adorable, and most of all kissable :D I've got a heavy archive of their photos as a couple during our road trips around Europe, and I had some hard time picking the one. I never uploaded photos from their visit in Spain last year, so I decided a photo from Toledo is a perfect fit for this post. There's no special preparation or significant post-processing of this photo, it just happened, like all of their photos as a couple.
Missing these guys big time, always having the best time when they are around!

Toledo, Spain, May 2010.

Nikon D60, 18-55mm.

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  1. Miss you too a bunch... we have some great memories together..and some great trips behind.. I hope - more to come! :)