Day 70 - Joy of ♥ 5: love to hate

The next one is called love to hate. This one got me unprepared, but it also got me thinking. I am usually on the bright side of life, I like to think of happy moments and happy people, but I am a human being of course, so there are times when I go out of order and experience what's called "some nerves".
At least, I can be glad that it was hard to think of a really annoying habit or trait in the people I care about.

It's time to tell about my mom's cakes. Every time I go home to visit my parents I leave with a car full of food, and I am not kidding. I am always begging to get as less food as possible, but no matter how much we remove, there's always too much...And there's always a whole cake from my mom. It's hard to keep a figure with this thing at home, but I do realize there's hardly anything better tasting that can substitute it on my breakfast table. So, I just have to love it and hate it at the same time ;)

The leftovers - a good or a bad thing? I'd say always good =P

Nikon D700, 50mm.

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