Day 84 - Joy of ♥ 19: when they're gone

There's this thing about me living in the past at times. I keep dear memories of dear people at hand. I like to surround myself with tons of little gifts, cards, books from those guys. It helps me stay on the positive side and makes me feel loved and at home.

That's a snapshot of my bedroom - this is the giraffe lamp I turn off right before I close my eyes at night, so the last things I see are things that make me feel at peace. I have a frame of me and Dani since she went to the US for a master's degree and I don't get to see her now, also some tiny little gifts I got from her and several other friends. The seaside landscape canvas is a gift from Stella she brought from Sozopol (Black sea resort, south Bulgaria) one summer some years ago. I am a water sign, therefore the sea always feels like home :)))
Most of you would probably recognize the book called The Secret (I also have it in Spanish as a gift from Dani & Stefcho when I was leaving for Spain). Truth is I never read it, but I hold on to it and read through it randomly if I am faced with a situation I have no idea how to fight. I feel safe having the book at hand, even though I never read it all.

I believe people should be in need of hope, when reading books of hope in order for the books to be useful.
The mug goes with a chalk and has a black bubble I can write on, and I like to move it around and write positive things and jokes on it, really works with my fast mood swings :))
That same mug stands on the Little Prince book. It has been my favorite book a long time now, and it's a good size to carry around.
The candles are hand-made by Dani and her mom, and each of them has a different connotation, but as you can guess the brown one smells like chocolate :)))

There are a couple of other snapshots from my bedroom that hold memories and photos of dear people but I'll save that for another time ;)

Nikon D700, 50mm.

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