Day 69 - Joy of ♥ 4: what they wear

Hey! I am having too many busy days in a row and I cannot get to sit and work on blog photos these days, but I hope I get some fresh air anytime soon...well, this seems impossible until the following weekend, but let's see...

The next task in line is called what they wear. I chose photo from the happy old times in Madrid last spring when me and my dear friend Magdalena went out to the Retiro park for a walk in the sun and just to shoot something pretty. Well, here's a photo of something pretty I shot that day.

So, what is Magda wearing? She's always in a funny mood, wearing her sunshine smile, 90% of the time she's in a mini skirt (of course, those legs deserve to be admired :P) she also has her camera on, and her navy-blue Longchamp bag. The top says Hard Rock Cafe on the front if you failed to read that, and this girl knows how to wear it!

Nikon D60, 18-55mm.

P.S. Magda, if you read this: sit down on your se*y behinds and write me at least a one-sentence email if you are still alive, pleaaaase! miss u!! :))))))))))

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